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We are always down for a good storage hack—and this week, Remodelista had some great ones. Below, some particularly noteworthy examples:

Above: A nautical-inspired hand-tied rope hammock for storing fruits and vegetables (a similar apparatus can be found on boats so that food can sway with the sea without getting damaged). Photograph by Benoit Linero, from Kitchen of the Week: Making Things Beautiful in Montmartre, Paris.
Design Within Reach Reid Sleeper Sectional Storage Above: This sectional from Design Within Reach has a hidden storage compartment. See more options in 10 Easy Pieces: Sectional Sofas with Storage.
Kitchen counter cabinet, Arianne and Derk Bonthuis 1873 remodeled family house, Haarlem, Netherlands. remodeled 1893 Haarlem house. Arianne and Derk Bonthuis family house, Netherlands. Above: An inexpensive workaround: a vintage hutch was placed on top of the kitchen counter and painted to coordinate with the built-in cabinets. Photograph courtesy of House of Bullet, from Steal This Look: A Vintage-Inspired Pink and Green Kitchen in the Netherlands.


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