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Take the Leap with Our Favorite Time-Tested Wallcoverings
Photography by Paige Rumore, Interior designs by Connie Vernich

Text by Bethany Adams

If you’ve ever found yourself fascinated by wallpaper but lacking the confidence to commit, you’re not alone. With so many options out there—and the risks associated with making the wrong choice—the thought of taking the leap is daunting. But that shouldn’t stop you from finding the wallcovering that’s perfect for your home—and we’re here to help! Regardless of your decorating style, these favorite selections from beloved brands and designers are sure to breathe a little life and personality into your space. From traditional florals to contemporary metallics, each of the options we’ve compiled has its own unique charm that’s designed to help your personal style shine a little brighter.


A living room with teal floral wallpaper.
Featured wallpaper from Schumacher, Photography by Julia Lynn, Interior designs by J.P. Horton

Call back to the days when walls were meant to be works of art and hand-painted masterpieces graced sitting rooms and dining areas galore. Wallpaper that celebrates the beauty of vintage, chinoiserie-style floral designs is ideal for a home that centers on the historic. Antiques and other traditional, sophisticated elements are right at home when backed by a beauty like this pattern from Schumacher.


A bathroom with metallic bamboo-style wallpaper.
Featured wallpaper: Lyford Trellis by Quadrille, Photography by Heather Talbert, Interior designs by Sara Johnson

Have a space that could use a touch of glam? Used thoughtfully, metallic paper can bring a room to life. Use it in a small space like a powder room to reflect light, pair it with more classic elements to elevate your traditional style, or show off your boldest pieces with a maximalist take that’s sure to leave an impression.


A bar built into a closet featuring botanical wallpaper.
Featured wallpaper: Raphael by Sandberg, Photography by Robert Radifera, Styling by Charlotte Safavi, Interior designs by Alison Geise

There’s something about patterns that brings the beauty of nature indoors that can really infuse a home with a peaceful ambience. When used to highlight natural elements like warm wood surfaces, their classic charm can provide the personality your space needs. Paper a whole room for a nature-inspired retreat or use sparingly to let it shine as a statement moment.


A dining room with contemporary black-and-white wallpaper.
Featured wallpaper: Queen of Spain by Schumacher, Photography by John O’Hagan, Interior designs by Barri Thompson, Styling by Courtni Bodiford

Nothing makes a statement like a bold print designed to create conversation. An iconic pattern like Schumacher’s Queen of Spain, introduced in 1963, will contrast beautifully with timeless furnishings while encouraging you to introduce a touch of contemporary flair to your home.

Grass Cloth

A bedroom with grasscloth wallpaper.
Featured wallpaper from Phillip Jeffries, Photography by William Dickey, Interior design by Sheena Jenkins

Not interested in bold patterns or bright colors? You can’t go wrong with added texture. Grass cloth wallpaper is a classic for a reason, and it’s a tried-and-true way to add visual interest to any design.

Block Print

A dining room covered with block print wallpaper.
Featured wallpaper from Thibaut, Photography by Paige Rumore, Interior designs by Connie Vernich

Lean into your home’s timeless, classic spirit with the sophisticated charm of a floral block print. Perfect for highlighting heirloom antiques or blending contemporary pieces with timeworn finds, block prints will stand the test of time and bring beauty for years to come.


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