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DIY toy boxes are often higher quality than premade options, and you can customize the dimensions to fit your space. They’re also one of the easiest builds for new DIYers, requiring minimal tools and materials.

free toy box plans

We’ve rounded up ten of the best do-it-yourself toy box plans in various styles and sizes.

1. Modern Toy Box with a Lid

Modern Toy Box with a Lid

Our modern toy box features a lid, clean lines, and a painted interior. You can customize the paint job to suit your children or opt for a stain instead.

We’ve provided a tutorial with pictures to guide you through every step of the process. The steps are basic, and you can complete this project even if you have minimal prior woodworking experience.

2. DIY Toy Box with a Bench

DIY Toy Box with a Bench

Furniture that serves two purposes can save space and money, and when it comes to a kid’s room, having a toy box/bench combo provides much-needed storage and seating.

Amy from Her Tool Belt provides instructions for building this Craftsman-style toy chest. The design is so elegant that it would work in a living room or dining room, providing a place to toss in toys during cleanup time.

3. Free Basic Wooden Toy Box Plans

Free Basic Wooden Toy Box Plans

You can dress up a simple toy box by adding monogramming, fun colors, trim, or stain. Adventures of a DIY Mom details a basic wooden toy box tutorial, ideal for customizing.

If you have minimal DIY or construction skills, this free toy box plan is a great place to start. The project requires minimal lumber, and there’s a cut list included in the instructions.

4. Toy Box Tutorial with Slow-Close Hinges

Toy Box Tutorial with Slow-Close Hinges

If you want a toy box with a lid but are worried about your kids slamming their fingers shut, check out this plan featuring slow-close hinges. Lindsey from Frills and Drills layouts materials and shows how she placed her toy box in a niche, making it look like a built-in.

The dimensions for this DIY toy chest are 21” deep x 47.5” wide x 22” tall.

5. Toy Bin and Cubby Plans

Toy Bin and Cubby Plans

If you want an outside-the-box idea, consider a toy bin with cubbies. The bin gives you and your kids space to toss in toys, while the overhead cubbies allow more organization.

Ana White provides this toy bin and cubby plan with a YouTube video, a material list, and a written tutorial. You’ll only need four boards and a half sheet of plywood to complete the project.

6. Toy Storage Bin Plans

Toy Storage Bin Plans

Toy storage bins allow more organizational options than a standard toy box, and Shanty 2 Chic provides an easy-to-follow guide for building this one.

You can customize the look by painting or staining the wood and choosing different containers. Be sure that whatever container or cubby you select fits the dimensions of the openings.

7. Rolling Bin Toy Box Plans

Rolling Bin Toy Box Plans

A rolling toy bin allows for easy cleanup and then fits under a set of cubbies. The cubbies provide the perfect spot for legos, Barbies, or other small toys.

Kreg Tool provides this free DIY toy box plan with a material list, tutorial, and downloadable instructions.

8. Farmhouse Style Toy Box Plans

Farmhouse Style Toy Box Plans

Slats put a fun spin on the regular-style toy box and work well for coastal or farmhouse styles. Designed by The Wood Shop Diaries, this easy-to-follow tutorial has a plywood base and panels.

They provide detailed instructions and list all tools required for this build. You can paint or stain the finished product to fit your decor.

9. Free DIY Toy Box Plan – Vintage Style

Free DIY Toy Box Plan - Vintage Style

Adding molding to a wooden toy box elevates the look, giving it a vintage or traditional style. Build your own with this free toy box plan from homebeautifull, that provides a material and tool list.

Since this box has curved detail on the bottom, it’s not as beginner-friendly as other options, but you can leave the curved design out if desired.

10. DIY Outdoor Toy Box

DIY Outdoor Toy Box

Toy boxes aren’t only for kids’ rooms. Keep your patio or deck picked up by building this DIY outdoor chest.

Lemon Thistle provides a tutorial for this large toy box with slats that help air out damp toys. They also offer details on finishing the toy chest for use in an outdoor area.

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